“That’s funny! It sounds like bubbles!”
Finlay, 4

“I think it was Spiky Fish because Spiky Fish loves blowing bubbles!”
Verity, 3

“It might be a shark, or a popty-pus...”
Lewis, 4

“Sometimes sharks eat people accidentally. Only the bad ones eat you on purpose.”
Hughie, 4

“I like the button. Another page! Another page!”
JJ, 2

Bubble Bubble

By Jack Tickle

Little Tiger Press 2013

This die-cut board book has a groovy gurgling, bubbly soundchip which is activated when the button is pressed. Each turn of the page reveals more of Little Fish’s underwater world as he searches for the source of the big bubble…

I like the challenge of a die-cut book, it can be tricky to arrange the pictures so that you don’t reveal too much too soon. This has some Garden Eels in one of the pictures which you can see at Bournemouth Oceanarium.

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