"Oh, yeah! I LOVE this one! I love that button....."
Ted, 5

"Iʼm gonna press the next one...."
Will, 3

"I like the elephant best cos he sneezed."
Nancy, 5

The Very Lazy Ladybird

By Isobel Finn

Illustrated by Jack Tickle

Little Tiger Press 1999

The crazy story of a ladybird who likes to SLEEP, and doesnʼt know how to fly. She searches for the perfect place for a snooze, but then an unexpected thing happens.

I still like this book after all these years. Thereʼs a new whizzy version now which makes cool noises for all the animals, itʼs a big hit with the three year olds who come to visit…..and their older brothers and sisters…..and their dads!

If you like this, youʼll like The Crunching Munching Caterpillar which has buttons to press too.

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