"We did an end of term show. It was The Case of Humpty Dumpty."
Charlie, 6

"Heʼs going to make a super hero costume - wheeeee!"
Ellie, 6

"I think Boris is going to help them out with his strongness."
Eve, 5

"Keep on reading - I want to see the end.... Oh, thatʼs a good end!"
Ellie-Marie, 6

Boris Saves The Show

By Carrie Weston

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Oxford University Press 2012

Boris and his friends are all set to perform their end-of-term show for Pondside Nursery. But then disaster strikes – Miss Webb and her nursery class of frogs and ducklings get stuck in the mud! A big, strong hero is needed to rescue them and get them to the performance in time…

I like dressing up, and I LOVE wearing fancy hats, so I had fun with the little mice in this book, who all get to wear tiny hats for their show. Can you guess which of my favourite childrenʼs book characters inspired the tall red and white striped top hat?

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