"I like the Indian Tent"
Nancy, 5

"Good pictures!"
Michael, 6

"They play Poohsticks! I do that sometimes when I go on dog walks."
Lucy, 6

Boris Goes Camping

By Carrie Weston

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Oxford University Press 2011

Boris and his classmates are going on a camping trip, but some naughty wolf cubs threaten to ruin everything. Who can make things better?
(Originally published as Bravo, Boris!)

I showed Helen (my editor at OUP) some photos of our beautiful teepee, and she thought it was just the thing for these characters, so she asked Carrie Weston to write this story. The animals in the book decorate it with crayons, but NOBODY is allowed to draw on our teepee, or theyʼll be in DEEP TROUBLE!

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