"Lucy G. had chicken pox and she couldnʼt go to school. She had them on her bum! She even had it on her eyes."
Sophie, 6

“I think Leticia and the foxy is so sweet!”
Felicity, 6

“The mice have got tiny weeny spots!”
Charlie, 6

“Oh no! Now sheʼs getting them...”
Charlie, 6

"Those who work in early years will immediately relate to this one."
Red Reading Hub

Boris Gets Spots

By Carrie Weston

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Oxford Unversity Press 2013

On the day that Mr Gander the farmer visits Miss Cluckʼs class, disaster strikes! First Boris, then all his friends get bright red, itchy spots. Uh-oh!

Cuddle up with Boris in this, his fourth and final picture book.

As usual, I took myself down to the local school to get ideas for the Miss Cluckʼs classroom - I would never have thought of sticking cut out sharks and fish onto the goldfish tank. A great story PLUS a recipe for honey cookies!

I still remember having chicken pox in 1978 and doing a Star Wars jigsaw of Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan and some stormtroopers in my mum and dad's bed!

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