"When you are big you can see EVERYWHERE!"
Levi, 5

"Not everywhere."
Seb, 5

"Most of the places you can.......with BINOCULARS!"
Levi, 5

"Jane... gives these polar bears the same wonderful personalities that have made her Bear books so beloved by children and their families."
Through The Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

"the illustrations are magical; children are captivated"
Scholastic Best Books 2002

Big Bear Little Bear

By David Bedford

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Little Tiger Press 2001

Little Bear wants to be BIG, but Big Bear loves him just the way he is.

Now available as a special 15th Anniversary edition!

Iʼd like to do another book about Polar Bears one day because they have such beautiful fur, and ENORMOUS feet.The babiesʼ bottoms are so round, they look as if they have nappies on!

Last time I read this to a bunch of kids, they had a spontaneous group hug when the final ʻBig Cuddleʼ scene was revealed!

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