'reading this book is like being swept up in a big snuggly bear hug.'

“I want to go in their home...”
Bonny, 6

“I like that Mouse always gets into trouble and says, ‘A little help please!’’
Felicity, 7

“I liked it when they snuggled up in bed.”
Maisie, 6

“Big is going to have honey - I can see the jar.”
Felicity, 7

Big and Small

By Elizabeth Bennett

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Little Tiger Press 2014

Two best friends, one big, one small, go out to play. Pretty soon Small needs, ‘A little help, please!’

I enjoyed painting this because there are big closeups of the bear and mouse. It was lovely to be able to zoom in really close for a change and use my biggest brushes.
This is a warm and fuzzy book about reciprocal friendship guaranteed to inspire a cuddle!

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