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Benny Bärentatze und die kleine Weltreise

By Katja Reider

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Loewe Verlag 2013

Benny Bear and his friends Finchen and Fips have some wildly imaginative adventures involving floods, deserts and flying monsters in this sweet tale of friendship. “One for all and all for one!”

Our books get translated into lots of different languages, but this is the first time Iʼve ever worked directly with a foreign publisher (not withstanding the USA). Thanks to my German editorʼs excellent English, the biggest challenge I faced wasnʼt the language barrier – it was working out a way to show that the storyʼs richly imaginative sequences were in the charactersʼ imaginations. The solution? I illustrated those parts of the story against abstracted coloured backgrounds, with really pleasing results!

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