"Is it a worm down the hole?"
Rosie, 6

"Could be a tortoise...?"
Fergus, 6

"I think itʼs a mole. Oh, no, THEREʼS Mole!.....I think itʼs a frog! FROG! FROG! FROG!"
Beverley, 6

"That bird is shy. Some people are too shy to say they want to go to the toilet. THATʼS happened before........"
Fergus, 6

Bear’s New Friend

By Karma Wilson

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Simon and Schuster 2006

Who IS that? Who is down that hole? Bear and his friends try and find out…..

Karma has based these books around her home, so she provided the information about the plants that grow in her corner of America. Hare would really turn brown in the Summer, but I had to paint him brown-ISH instead in case he became unrecognisable!

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