"This book was so much fun to listen to when it was reading time because we got to yell the part where it says "but he still wants more." "
Jerry, 6

"When Bear said that I thought he was going to eat the rabbit!!!"
Willow, 6

"Huh? He got out, so how come he canʼt get back in?"
Herbie, 5

"He WAS thin, but heʼs eaten too much!"
Isobella, 6

Willow, 6

"I say that before lunchtime. I say, ʻIʼM HUNGRY!"
Thomas, 5

Bear Wants More

By Karma Wilson

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Simon and Schuster 2003

When Bear wakes up after his Winter snooze, heʼs VERY HUNGRY! Can anything fill him up?

The pictures are green and lush throughout this book, so thereʼs plenty of food for Bear to eat…he just has to follow his nose. I was inspired by Winnie-the-Pooh because he gets stuck in a doorway too. Thereʼs a picture where you can see Bearʼs bottom outside, and his head inside. Poor Bear, how undignified!

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Winner 2003 National Parenting Publications Honors Award (NAPPA)
New York Times Bestseller
An ABC Best Book for Children