"The large acrylic paintings... and the opportunity for children to sharpen their rhyming and observation skills... make this interactive journey a must. Don’t miss it!"
School Library Journal

"Rollicking rhymes, objects to spot and well-timed page turns will have kids shouting out"

"My favourite colour’s blue!"
Thomas, 4

"I like all the colours from the rainbow!"
Henry, 4

re. Gopher: "What’s that brown creature with all his whiskers and a white tummy?"
Thomas, 4

Bear Sees Colors

By Karma Wilson

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Simon and Schuster 2014

Colors, colors everywhere! Can you find colors just like Bear?

Join Bear and his friends in this preschooler’s book of colours. A companion book to Bear Counts and Big Bear, Small Mouse.

This is the first in a new series, introducing Bear and his friends to younger children. Hooray! Colours are hinted at in the text and images, before they are revealed in a saturated spread all about BLUE or RED or YELLOW!

It was a breeze painting the green spread, because Bear’s world is pretty much green. Blue wasn’t so bad either, but red was really difficult! I went over the background about three times, lifting the colour as far as I dared, and adding more and MORE flowers and strawberries…..

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Nominated - Missouri Building Block Award 2015
Nominated - Indiana Early Literacy Firefly Award 2016
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