"How does Jane do it?!"
Kieran, 6

"He could do that in one gulp!"
Kieran, 6

"It wouldnʼt be any big at all. Bear could eat the plate."
Fletcher, 6

"Or he could just eat the mouse..."
Joe, 6

"Thatʼs not going to fill his tummy either!"
Ellie-Marie, 6

"He could eat the rabbit..."
Joe, 6

"If heʼs a nice bear, if humans visit him, would he jump on you and kill you, or would he be nice to you?"
Max, 7

Bear Says Thanks

By Karma Wilson

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Simon & Schuster 2012

Welcome back Bear!

Poor Bear doesnʼt have anything in his cupboards, so what can he offer his friends when they turn up for a feast?

I love the picture where Bear is politely trying a slice of a mouse-sized pie thatʼs about the size of one of his claws. “A delectable pie,” he says…but youʼve got to wonder if he could actually taste anything?!

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