"Poor Bear...."
Levi, 5

"Heʼs gonna be sick."
Nancy-Noodle, 5

"No he isnʼt. ....He isnʼt sick is he?"
Murphy, 5

"Thatʼd be disgusting - all fish and bones coming out...!"
Levi, 5

"My brother drew me pictures when I was sick. They didnʼt make me feel better as much....I DID say thankyou..."
Murphy, 6

"All the time I want people to do that to me [re. Mole soothing Bear with a ʻcool, wet clothʼ]. But they NEVER. I just have a cold pillow."
Ted, 5

Bear Feels Sick

By Karma Wilson

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Simon and Schuster 2007

Oh dear, Bear has the snuffles, and he needs looking after. He is so lucky to have such good friends!

The animals do all they can to show Bear how much they love him. On one page they draw lots of pictures to cheer him up. Itʼs lovely to be given a picture if youʼre a bit sad. Iʼve got a lot of pictures hidden away that my family have given to me when Iʼve been under the weather.

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