"I would feel scared if I was lost out in the woods."
Elizabeth, 6

"I went in the woods in the dark with my brother, but I wasnʼt scared."
Zac, 6

"Do you know, thereʼs more than 1,000,000 Bear books in print right now?!"
Adley, 6

"Any teacher who is looking for a unique way to teach about emotional growth and the importance of friendship, teamwork and empathy will be well served by checking this book out."
Sarah Andrews, Goodreads.com

Bear Feels Scared

By Karma Wilson

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Simon and Schuster 2008

Bear is lost in the forest when a storm blows up. He gets so scared that he canʼt move, so his friends form a rescue party.


There is a lot of weather in this story, so I painted all the animalsʼ fur going in the same direction as the rain to show how strong the wind is. I especially like the picture where the rescue party are all tied together so that nobody can get lost….or blown away!

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